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“Basmati” is long grain aromatic rice which is cultivated in the Himalayan foothills of the Indian sub-continent. Pakistan and India are best known for cultivating this variety of extra-long slender grains of rice, that elongate at least twice their original size with a soft and fluffy texture upon cooking. Basmati rice is unique among other aromatic long-grain rice varieties for its delicious taste, superior aroma and distinct flavor. Agro-climatic conditions of the specific geographical area, as well as the method of harvesting, processing and aging, attribute these characteristic features to Basmati rice. Owing to its unique characteristics the “scented Pearl” lends a touch of class that can transform even the most ordinary meal into a gourmet’s delight.

Extra Long Grain


Natural Aroma


Traditional Taste


Finely Selected Grains







Serving size 1/4 cup (45 grams) Yield 3/4 cup cooked rice serving per container 100

Energy 334.0 Kcal
Proteins 6.5 gm 
Carbohydrates 70.0 gm 
Dietary Fiber  2.4gm 
Lipide 0.4 gm 

Storage instructions: Always store in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.

Tips for cooking the perfect Basmati rice:

Always soak Basmati rice in water before cooking

The best way to cook Basmati rice is to first soak it in water before cooking. The longer you soak it, the less time it will need to cook. It is recommended to soak the rice in water for up to 30 minutes. This will kick start the water absorption process, meaning less time on the stove. Rinsing the rice before cooking will remove the thin layer of starch that naturally occurs, preventing your rice from sticking together once cooked.

Measure correctly

2:1 water to rice is the ideal ratio you need when cooking basmati rice. Firstly, measure your rice quantity and calculate your water measurement accordingly. As a reference, stick to 90g of uncooked rice per person when cooking for a group of people.

Cooking time 

The cooking time depends on how long you have soaked your rice. If you have soaked your rice for 30 minutes, bring to the boil and simmer on the stove for 10-15 minutes. Your basmati rice will need 20-22 minutes if you skip the soaking process, so soaking it is highly recommended.

Fluff your rice with a fork

Once the rice is cooked, drain any excess water that hasn’t been soaked up when cooking and then use a fork to lightly fluff up and separate your delicious grains.

Finally, pair your rice with any curry or stew and enjoy!

Tips for cooking the perfect Basmati rice:

Rinse the rice

To create fluffy individual grains of rice, rinse before cooking to remove excess surface starch. If left on, starch makes the rice stick together and creates a glue-like liquid as it cooks. Rinse the rice under cool water until the water is no longer cloudy but clear.

Cook in boiling water

Add a minimum of 500ml of water with the washed rice to a saucepan and bring to the boil.

Stir only in the beginning

Stirring the rice a few times as the water increases in temperature ensures that nothing gets stuck to the bottom. But never mix the rice once you place the lid on. Otherwise, the grains will become pudding-like.

Once covered, reduce to a simmer

Bring the water to a boil, then immediately cover the pot and reduce the heat to low. This action traps steam inside and lowers the heat intensity so the rice can gradually absorb the liquid. This cooking process takes about 10-12 minutes for white rice; adjust the time according to the type and quantity of rice.
Towards the end, briefly lift the lid slightly to see if the grains absorbed all the water. But ensure to quickly cover the pot to prevent too much steam from escaping.

Let the rice cool

Turn off the heat and let the rice sit and steam for about 10 minutes to give it the chance to absorb any last drops of liquid. Then, you can add the rice to any dish you want to cook.